July 2016 - Moore Stephens Financial Services

Can the EU and the Euro survive?

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With the world still reeling from the result of the UK’s EU referendum, reactions seem to be polarising amongst different communities in Europe and particularly between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The leaders of the ‘haves’, i.e. the EU Politicians and technocrats seem to be taking a tough stance and want to punish the UK for voting to leave. They wish to make an example of us to warn…

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Property – The asset class changed forever

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Following the Financial Crisis of 2008, in my opinion one asset class changed forever: property. The events of 2016 and the post Brexit fallout highlight how short term memory afflicts so much of the investment world, as property finds itself in the eye of the storm again. Firstly, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a Brexit leave vote is akin to the global financial crisis by any stretch of…

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Brexit – Where now for investments?

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As the FTSE 100 ended last week at pre EU referendum levels, the so called Project Fear campaign has been derided as a doomed prophecy. The theory being that markets have seemingly recovered strongly and so the fears over a “leave” result were unfounded. There can be no denying the FTSE 100 finished last week strongly, but look more closely and the underlying component parts of the index were behaving…

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