November 2016 - Moore Stephens Financial Services

Auto-enrolment is yesterday’s news – now its Re-enrolment that you need to worry about

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  Employers in the UK started to automatically enrol their employees into workplace pensions in 2012 when they reached their staging dates, however, the employers affected at that time were mostly blue chip UK names such as Tesco who employee 476,000 people. Our clients started to reach their staging dates in early 2014 and so they have been running workplace pensions for approaching three years. The three year mark is…

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Trump in the White House – Why a change of investment strategy is needed

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As the world now knows, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the USA. 12 months ago, this result would have seemed utterly outlandish, but over the past couple of weeks, particularly since the FBI’s last intervention in the Clinton email saga, a Trump victory has actually been the more likely outcome. I suspect the ramifications of the election, the way it was conducted and the various accusations made…

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