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Marmite wars aside, every little helps Tesco and those that take a long term view

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Tesco’s recent spat with Unilever is all about the consequences of Sterling’s recent weakness following the Brexit vote. As the costs of imported goods start to rise in the coming months, supermarkets like Tesco are all too aware of the potential hit to their profitability. They will be wary about asking consumers to pay more and their suppliers will also be reluctant to take less for the goods they are…

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Pensions Tax relief – What is Philip Hammond’s policy?

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The Autumn Statement will be upon us again in November and it seems like we will be dusting off the same potential threats to tax relief on pensions as we have fretted about for the past couple of years. The Government have pulled back from acting upon the rumours at the last minute in recent years, but this time it might just be different. This will be Philip Hammond’s first…

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Trump vs Clinton – what stock markets make of it so far

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Trump vs Clinton – what stock markets make of it so far One would think that an election campaign could withstand only so much controversy and that by now, logic would make a Clinton victory guaranteed, but I suspect right to the last, the result will remain in the balance. For Americans, it seemingly isn’t so much about Trump, rather what he stands for in very simple terms, which is…

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Brexit means Brexit, but what does Quitaly mean?

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Brexit means Brexit, but what does Quitaly mean? Deutschebank has been the centre of attention in recent days with concerns mounting about its solvency. Worrying as this is, it is not the only European bank that is in trouble. Italy’s banking system is swamped with debt and shares in the largest bank, UniCredit, have fallen by around 67 per cent in the past 12 months. The second biggest, Intesa Sanpaolo,…

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What does the Santander 123 rate cut mean for savers?

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Last week, Santander, one of the UK’s most popular high street banks, announced that they were cutting interest rates on their 123 account from 1st November 2016. The interest rate will be halved, taking it from the current top level of 3% down to 1.5% AER variable. This particular account is a regular feature within client cash savings for obvious reasons. A top rate of 3% far exceeds the vast…

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The Brexit effect for annuities and final salary pension schemes

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Global stock markets have tried to shrug off the Brexit effect since the vote to leave the European Union, but the impact for savers and retirees is only just starting to emerge. With the Bank of England reducing interest rates to 0.25% last week, savers will continue to struggle to earn any interest on their bank and building society savings. The reality is that interest rates were already so low…

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Can the EU and the Euro survive?

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With the world still reeling from the result of the UK’s EU referendum, reactions seem to be polarising amongst different communities in Europe and particularly between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The leaders of the ‘haves’, i.e. the EU Politicians and technocrats seem to be taking a tough stance and want to punish the UK for voting to leave. They wish to make an example of us to warn…

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