Key Benefits

Workplace Pension
Key Benefits

So what could be considered "Key Benefits"?

Software Integration
Our chosen workplace pension solutions provide access to enhanced online services which allow employers to run their auto enrolment schemes efficiently. The solutions interact with the employer’s own payroll systems to provide a streamlined auto-enrolment management system. Many of our recommended solutions offer a dedicated point of contact who will provide training and support and guide them through each process, in addition to our own support, at no extra cost.

Automated Reports to TPR
Our chosen workplace pension solutions create the worker communications, which employers need to issue and the records they need to keep, in order to fulfil their employer duties and ensure ongoing compliance with The Pensions Regulator.

Annual Review of your Auto Enrolment scheme.
As auto-enrolment contribution limits increase, we will be available for at least an annual review of your scheme, at which point we shall review how the scheme has run to date, what changes will you, as the employer, face over the next twelve months, what support you may need from us and what assistance we need to provide to your employees. Setting up the scheme is the first step, but once that is complete, ensuring that it runs smoothly and for the maximum benefit of both the employer and their employees ongoing, will become the main objective.

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