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The right workplace pension, systems and training

In our opinion the biggest issue facing employers in respect of the new workplace pensions rules is not just having a ‘suitable’ scheme in place, but rather it is having a suitable scheme that is capable of handling the many compliance aspects that auto-enrolment brings with it. This compliance includes the responsibility of employers to identify and inform both eligible and entitled employees of their rights, handle the enrolments, handle the opt outs and make regular reports to The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

The good news is that with the right systems and training in place, it is possible to handle all the auto enrolment issues with ease.

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Why choose Moore Stephens

As Independent Advisers we make sure that employers get the right scheme in place. This will be a scheme with appropriate ‘Middle Ware’ i.e. the technology that makes sure that there is smooth integration between your payroll systems and the selected pension scheme and which will in addition allow you to send your reports to TPR accurately and timely.

As well making sure you get the right pension scheme in place, we will handle employee communication of the new rules and questions that your employees will inevitably have.

We will explain what their options are, in terms of joining, opting out or how the new arrangements will affect any existing pension plans they may have.

Moore Stephens Financial Services specialise in providing pensions advice and have been in the business for over 28 years. More importantly we can support you to ensure you get the right auto-enrolment scheme for your business in place and in time.

Our Auto Enrolment Key Benefits include software integration, automated reports, and annual reviews here.


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