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Brexit means Brexit, but what does Quitaly mean?

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Brexit means Brexit, but what does Quitaly mean? Deutschebank has been the centre of attention in recent days with concerns mounting about its solvency. Worrying as this is, it is not the only European bank that is in trouble. Italy’s banking system is swamped with debt and shares in the largest bank, UniCredit, have fallen by around 67 per cent in the past 12 months. The second biggest, Intesa Sanpaolo,…

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What does the Santander 123 rate cut mean for savers?

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Last week, Santander, one of the UK’s most popular high street banks, announced that they were cutting interest rates on their 123 account from 1st November 2016. The interest rate will be halved, taking it from the current top level of 3% down to 1.5% AER variable. This particular account is a regular feature within client cash savings for obvious reasons. A top rate of 3% far exceeds the vast…

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